A Wandering Soul


Land caviar is made of eggs laid by the Georgian Land Salmon. A delicacy in most of Europe, the meal is banned in the United States due to the high levels of mercury it contains.

The Georgian Land Salmon itself is a rare fish that can live up to three days out of water, walking on its fins and distilling small amounts of oxygen from the air with its highly efficient gills. The Land Salmon is almost five feet long, by far the largest land fish known to science.

In Europe the fish is called the “Tués Sur La Route,” which translates roughly as “Roadkill” as the fish is slow and often dies attempting to cross the many highways that cover Europe’s coastline. About 50 humans die each year in Land Salmon related car crashes. Ironically, chef Multama al-Samak who pioneered modern land caviar cuisine died in such an accident when a Land Salmon wandered in front of his motorcycle while he rode to his restaurant.

This person wins all the prizes. Thank you for your amazing fact skills. 

(Source: connie-awanderingsoul)