A Wandering Soul

Turkey, chamomile, and bananas…

I was having a really tough time because of the heat to the point when it cooled down I still couldn’t sleep well. I fell into a pattern of depression anxiety and insomnia. 

I had a brilliant idea though! I stopped all caffeine and sugary things. I started having turkey for dinner with a banana and cup of chamomile for dessert. 

Took a couple of melatonin at night and I am back to mellow jello. Even took two naps yesterday. So if you are having a tough time getting to sleep, think back to Thanksgiving and have some turkey! lol

Why do I love wisteria seed pods? When I was in college for Landscape Architecture I did an internship at the Samuel Morse estate in Poughkeepsie New York. This is where I first saw the wisteria seed pods. I found these velvety covered pods with their curvaceous shape irresistible. They are so soft to the touch and have a nice weight to them. 

I have no idea why but I have always been a seed collector. When I was a kid our neighbor had an oak tree that bordered on our property and I would fill buckets with them and just keep them in my closet because I am a weirdo. 

I love avocado seeds too. They are so smooth. I think its a tactile thing for me but also the idea of growing something exotic. My friend gave me a tree sprout from an avocado seed and the seedling from a old English Oak from our campus. I was also very impressed when a friend brought me a bird of paradise seed pack back from Hawaii and I got to sprout that. 

I find it fascinating that some seed pods require certain conditions to open. Like some pinecones can’t open and seed until they have been scorched by a forest fire. It is my goal to one day obtain a female cone from a Monkey Puzzle Tree. ;)

I also like that if kept in certain conditions a seed can last thousands of years and successfully be germinated. Check out this wikipedia article. 


I love that there is a band of seed savers in Pennsylvania who have made it their job to preserve heirloom seeds to maintain biodiversity. 

I love the science of seed germination too. I love that plants have little hormones called Auxin that help them make the roots go down and the stem go up! 

I love that seeds represent history, evolution, and legacy. They can be a tiny time capsule used to study what a prehistoric society ate. They are masters of travel and survival. They are simply magical and that is why I love seeds. ;)