A Wandering Soul

Be like Josh Dueck

Some of you may have heard of Josh Dueck. He is a very talented skier who sustained a major injury causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down. I am sure you can think of one athlete maybe famous or maybe down at your local Y who sustained a serious injury but that didn’t stop them. Maybe they are a cancer survivor who now runs marathons or bicycles across France. All of these people had something they loved so passionately that even after their tragedy they found a way to do what they love and over came it. 

Depression is no different. For me, I loved being happy. I loved it so much. I loved being known as the person who always walked in the room with a smile on my face and a exciting story. 

Josh Dueck found a way to ski despite being paralyzed from the waste down. I will always have depression. I will always have days when I wake up and am feeling down. I don’t fake it. When I am miserable I talk about it and act like a crabby jerk but instead of letting the sour mood remain on my mind I think about why I am down. It can be something simple like someone saying something careless and hurtful to me. 

I find this agitation and I resolve it or make a plan of how I am going to resolve it. There is always a solution. It might not be right away but if you really want it there is a way. I also force my self to get up and do something I love. It could be art or cleaning the house or even taking a hike. 

Its really hard to get out of bed when your body aches but like an injury that puts a person in physical therapy it can be done. Good things do not come easy and the things that do come easy might not be that good for you. Indulging in bad habits to sooth the sadness will get you no where and often make the problem worse. 

Depression is like a physical disability. You will need to work to overcome it and maybe you wont be able to do things just the way you did them before but you can still do them. If there is something you really really love use it to pull your self out and to overcome your adversity. I know you can do it.