A Wandering Soul

The Spectacle

I manually mow my yard with one of those old fashioned looking push mowers. It causes quite a spectacle. Every time I go out guys that are in view either offer to mow for me, offer their electric/gas mower or give me props for doing our rather large yard that way. Cars even slow down to gawk. 

I have to admit this makes me feel pretty cool and I am getting a good back work out while I am at it. Its a good job to do if you have any pent up anger or just too much energy. Its like “You are not going to stop me grass!”

I sawed down some pretty thick butterfly bushes that were getting really huge and unruly in the yard too. It opened up some hidden wooden box gardens that the owners have in there and some raspberry plants. I plan on adding some herbs to the garden. I need some fresh rosemary mint and dill for this summer. 

The neighbor was super nice and helped me get all the branches out of the yard in trade for some rock, a hunk of glass and $10. I am really happy about this. I love the barter system. :)