A Wandering Soul

When I hit the point I had to completely pull out of society it was like dying but I was still alive to see how everyone carried on without me. Its was like dying but no one had a funeral for me, no one missed me, no one had nice words to say about me. They just found me unbearable and wanted to bury me and not think about it ever again.

— From my post about depression at http://awanderingsoul.com

Today was a fortunate day…

my computer once again stopped working. We brought it in for the third time and I was feeling pretty bummed out about it but we left the Apple Store with the promise of one of their brand new iMacs. They released a refresh on them just today. Its thinner then my current one with less glair. It will also have a faster CPU and GPU. They even threw in a free data transfer. So I left the store feeling a little less bummed and in a few days I will be blogging from a fancy new computer. I am feeling pretty lucky and Apple has a customer for life!