A Wandering Soul

True To Your Self

There is a common misperception that confidence is arrogance, happiness is ignorance, and kindness is being fake. 

I challenge this idea. I feel lack of confidence leads to bitterness and resentment that leads to unhappiness. Unhappiness leads to a lack of faith in other human beings and this leads us to treat them unkindly. 

Not opening yourself to the judgments of others and hanging on to that moment just after you accomplish something and only you have seen it. The great joy you feel is the only real feeling. Its untainted and pure. 

Only expose to the world what you have enough strength and faith in to withstand the waves of cruelty and criticism. When you do experience this negativity you know what parts of your life are rotten and need to be removed. 

As you remove the negativity you will find you can expose more and more of your beautiful nature and this will result in being more true to your self. 


We are natural creatures who have created a unnatural environment. We have lights to extend the days and curtains to extend the nights. We have built structures that block out sound because we no longer can hear the birds and peepers with out the sounds of jets or cars. I tried to take a relaxing bath once and when submerging my head below the water heard the hum of some pump or electrical current buzzing away, amplified by the water. 

We create smells from toxic chemicals that are supposed to mimic opening a window on a tropical island. We put shoes on our feet that “correct” them and seldom walk on the Earth. 

A good friend of mine told me about Earthing. You can buy a whole bunch of stuff for it if you feel like spending the money but I figured I would keep the simple concept simple. Everyday I take my shoes off and walk outside on the earth. I love doing it at the beach. The idea is the earth recharges us. Gimmick or not it is something we can all do and it just makes sense to me. 

I have reverted back to my natural patterns. I wake up when it becomes light out, I eat when I am hungry. I eat what my body needs instead of synthetic foods that if consumed would leave me with cravings and unsatisfied. I walk on the earth with my bare feet and recharge in nature every weekend. 

If you are having a hard time perhaps it is because you need to listen to your body’s natural cycles better. For a long time I could not cry. I buried it deep down inside of my self and was to the point I was physically incapable of letting it out. It took visiting a very spiritual place to help me release it all. I still have a hard time crying but on occasion a funny little thing will make me cry like seeing a stunning moment in nature or a person treating another with compassion that will make that cry emotion well up inside. I let it happen even if it seems like a silly time to cry because I need to then. 

I still fight it. I look at this stuff and think “Oh my god I sound like such a weirdo.” but then I think to my self; so what if it is a placebo and I get funny looks. It just feels right and it is bringing me great peace. People judge me whether I conform to the masses or not and I have never really been that good at fitting in anyway. Go ahead. Embrace your weird. 

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

The Garden

One day a woman was taking a walk when she saw a beautiful garden with a small house in the center of it. She thinks of her small one room apartment surrounded by pavement and parking lots and thinks “I would like to have this garden.” 

The house comes up for sale and she buys it right up! She now has a beautiful garden filled with flowers that bloom all different times in the season but most of them are not in bloom yet. There is only this one rose bush in bloom. She sees this stunning flower blooming blush amongst the green. She loves this rose. 

Every day she goes out and meticulously weeds around the rose, watering it and giving it all that it needs to bloom but soon the season of the rose is over and the blooms wilt and brown. She can not understand why this stunning plant she has put so much care into is now just a green flowerless tangle of thorns. 

She turns to find the rest of the garden most of it has been neglected and not much too look at but there is this one bunch of daisies that is blooming up through the weeds. She loves this daisy. She weeds and nurtures the daisy plant every day until the season of the daisy passes. Now it is just a clump of green leaves and stems. Not much to look at at all. 

In despair she turns to the rest of the garden. The rest of the garden is wilted and dreary looking. The other flowers can’t even bloom because they have been neglected. She no longer has the stunning garden that had caught her eye before. She realized every flower has a bloom and a thorn. All must be treated with care and respect because the garden is beautiful as a whole. From that day on she cared for even the smallest bit of green and even found beauty in the dandelion she had once considered a weed. 

We all live in gardens and must tend to as a whole so that we may find balance and beauty. 

A short story by: Connie Bankus

Finding Balance, Finding Happiness

Some people think making a life style change to live a more healthy life will mean they have to go with out. They often say “I could never do that.” You would be surprised at what you can do and what you really don’t need. You are not depriving your self of comforts but rather replacing them with healthy alternatives, quality and confidence.

So many Americans are into short term solutions. They eat healthy till they lose a few pounds and go back. They do short term work out plans verses working out regularly for the rest of their lives. They follow diets that last a month and then go back to eating what they like. If you are feeling down or like you are missing something in your life, indulgence is not the answer.

Living simply, clean, and honest is the solution to everything. Fixing the personal relationships around you will bring your more peace then that piece of cake.

Find something positive in everything you do. Enjoy the warm soapy dish water or the smell of the citrus soap. Include the whole family in nightly have too dos like making dinner. Use the time to talk and work out issues. Care for your self as much as you do others and vice versa.

Finding balance in all things and joy in what you do can change your whole perspective and make life so much better.